vivo στα Γερμανικά

n. lebende
adj. lebend, lebendig, lebhaft, anschaulich, grell, quick, regsam, saftig, hell, lebenswahr

παράδειγμα ποινές

In vivo PO produces a more complicated and multiaspect effect on the immune system.
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Almost fifty years ago in vivo and in vitro studies have shown that taurine acts as an insulin analog on carbohydrate metabolism improving the transport of creatine and amino acid inside the cells.
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And then we can try to do things in vivo that have onlybeen done to-date in a dish - like high-throughput screeningthroughout the entire brain for the signals that can cause certainthings to happen.
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Application not completed and is of interest only as a symbiosis of OpenGL, SDL, guichan and other libraries in vivo example.
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In vivo tests are carried out on volunteers selected by their age and type of their skin; these tests check the mostly the effectiveness of the products.
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In vitro and in vivo studies indicate that derivative of vinpocetine? an apovincamine possesses strong neuroprotective activity and may play an important role in the therapy of ischaemic stroke.
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Other in vivo studies have found developmental neurotoxicity and behavioural effects in young mice. Immunotoxic effects have been reported in mice but not in rats.
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- Radiodiagnostic: pertaining to in vivo diagnostic nuclear medicine, medical diagnostic radiology, and dental radiology.
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- The paralytic efficacy of Xeomin and Botox was analysed by electromyography (EMG) in vivo in
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"La tarde en vivo" interviewed the swimmer Joaquin Abascal and the golfer Ainhoa Nogales.
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1. rigoglioso: fiorente
2. vivente: in vita
3. attuale: contemporaneo, in uso
4. espressivo: vivace, vigoroso, esuberante, brioso, allegro, attivo, irrequieto
5. acuto: versatile, vivido, pronto, vivace
6. accanito: animato, aggressivo
7. attivo: operoso, animato
8. intenso: forte, violento, brillante, luminoso, acceso

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