poner στα Ρωσικά

v. класть, ставить, помещать, расставлять, надевать, накладывать

παράδειγμα ποινές

Chicken okra, corn pone, shortening bread... pickled watermelon, and a stomach pump.
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But it could be pone more grain of sand in the huge machine, the UNFCCC.
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Everybody runnin' around ragged, backwards and illiterate,... ...eatin' sowbelly and corn pone three times a day.
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For example, when it rains, feel free to give me your pone and he advises mokne.
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I have some beans and corn pone,
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I reckon you'll want some salt on your pone:
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If you let me make a pone call my English speaking friend will clear everything up.
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Man, you know all I heard were the key words "dry rub" and "pone."
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Keep your eras glued to this pone and don't hang up
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That was the world premiere of True Thing Boy Pone and his single, "Dane County Streets."
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1. agregar: añadir
2. situar: colocar, ubicar, depositar, acomodar, asentar, sujetar
3. suponer
4. apostar
5. establecer: instalar
6. encender: conectar, prender, activar
7. contribuir: concurrir, escotar, colaborar

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