pago στα Γερμανικά

n. zahlung, einzahlung, bezahlung, auszahlung, zurückzahlung, begleichung, berichtigung, entrichtung, abführung, leistung, tilgung, abgeltung, vergeltung, einlösung, heimatort

παράδειγμα ποινές

Fifteen scanners and new computer systems were imported to help the Immigration Office to scan traveller's passports at both Pago Pago International Airport and the main wharf in Fagatogo.
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In July 2001, ASPA received a $2.2 million grant/loan from the Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Service to establish the water purification facilities at Fagatogo and Pago Pago, which would provide 1 million additional gallons of water daily.
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Action brought on 3 September 2009 - PAGO International v OHIM - Tirol Milch (Pago)
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As for wines, Montemayor has a famous sweet wine Pedro Ximenez that comes from the pago de las Arenas, and the dry sherry of the company store San Acacio.
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Order of the General Court of 6 July 2010 - PAGO International v OHIM - Tirol Milch (Pago)
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1. retribución: entrega, desembolso, gratificación, adelanto, anticipo, saldo
2. pagado
3. comarca: localidad, territorio, distrito, término, región

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