décima στα Γερμανικά

n. dezime
num. zehntel

παράδειγμα ποινές

During the event, the Special Award for Independent Spanish Cinema went to Gonzalo Suárez, but also, Basilio Martín Patino- La décima carta (lit. the tenth letter), the documentary directed by Virginia García del Pino, was screened out of competition.
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La décima carta and the handing out of an award to Gonzalo Suárez for his totally uninhibited career.
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La décima carta is the first instalment in the documentary series Cineastas contados, which - hosted by Canal Plus and Paramount Channel - creates an inter-generational dialogue: between contemporary and past directors, teachers and students in the film industry.
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Precautions or no, the machine made Thornhill, Decima wants him dead... ...and we need to know why.
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The literary forms that conform the merengue are the most common within popular music: copla, seguidilla and décima, with the occasional appearance of some pareados.
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décimo: diezmo

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