galerie στα Γερμανικά

n. galerie, passage, empore, stollen

galerie στα Γαλλικά

n. galerie (f), galerie d'art (f), collection (f), tunnel (m), poulailler (m)

παράδειγμα ποινές

Galerie St. Etienne is holding three concurrent exhibitions.
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Agnes Husslein-Arco who became the new director of the Austrian Galerie Belvedere in 2007 was instrumental in the new beginning.
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The hotel bar 'Galerie' offers anything your heart desires: from draught beer to an exotic cocktail.
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Tomorrow we go buy a dress at Galerie Lafayette.
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1. tribune: terrasse, balcon, loge
2. allée: colonnade, corridor, portique, vestibule, péristyle, nef
3. collection: exposition, musée
4. public: auditoire, assistance
5. souterrain: mine, tunnel, catacombe

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