galerie στα Πορτογαλικά

1. (architecture) galeria (f)
2. (art) galeria de arte
3. (arcade) arcada (f); galeria (f)

παράδειγμα ποινές

Galerie St. Etienne is holding three concurrent exhibitions.
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Agnes Husslein-Arco who became the new director of the Austrian Galerie Belvedere in 2007 was instrumental in the new beginning.
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The hotel bar 'Galerie' offers anything your heart desires: from draught beer to an exotic cocktail.
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Tomorrow we go buy a dress at Galerie Lafayette.
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1. tribune: terrasse, balcon, loge
2. allée: colonnade, corridor, portique, vestibule, péristyle, nef
3. collection: exposition, musée
4. public: auditoire, assistance
5. souterrain: mine, tunnel, catacombe

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