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fondo índice

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Central banks should put a floor under the value of a country's banking system by committing to buy shares in an index fund of bank stocks at a predetermined price.
Los bancos centrales deberían ponerle un piso al valor del sistema bancario de un país mediante el compromiso de comprar acciones en un fondo índice de acciones bancarias a un precio predeterminado.
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In addition, the Commission's proposal puts forward special risk-spreading rules for funds whose aim is to replicate a particular stock index, a so-called index fund.
Además, se incorporan reglas especiales para la dispersión de riesgos para las empresas cuyo objetivo sea la imitación de un índice de acciones, los llamados fondos índice.
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I would use the $100,000 prize for something fun, like investing in a good index fund.
Usaría los 100.000 del premio para algo divertido, como invertirlo en bolsa.
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a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index: mutual fund company, open-end fund, mutual fund, open-end investment company
a mutual fund whose assets are stocks on a given list: mutual fund

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