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επίρ. επί τη πρύμνη, προς την πρύμνη, όπισθεν
πρόθ. πίσω

παράδειγμα ποινές

area forward of the fore vertical plane or abaft the aft vertical plane bounding the part of cargo area below deck.
προφορά προφορά
I don't want to cowardly a little abaft.
προφορά προφορά
.7 In ships of 100 metres in length and upwards, one of the main transverse bulkheads abaft the forepeak shall be fitted at a distance from the forward perpendicular which is not greater than the permissible length.
προφορά προφορά
By way of derogation from Article 7.02, section 3, the total arc of blind sectors from right ahead to 22,5º abaft the beam on either side shall not exceed 20º.
προφορά προφορά
Periscope two points abaft the port beam.
προφορά προφορά
If positioned forward they shall be positioned abaft the collision bulkhead, in a sheltered position.
προφορά προφορά


aft: rearward, behind, back, to the rear, astern

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