tough στα Αραβικά

‏شخص شكس‏
‏متشدد، متين، شكس، صلب، خشن، صارم، قوي، صلب العود، قاس صلب، عنيف، عسير المضغ، حازم، لزج، عسير جدا، حامي، قاسي، قاس‏

παράδειγμα ποινές

The first weeks were really tough for me.
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It is tough/hard work.
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It was a tough decision and one that Caesar wasn't making any easier.
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She knew about how tough he had been on his wife, and his indifference towards his children.
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They also knew how tough his grandfather was, including the gout, which made his cantankerous moods even worse.
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He found an old sedge on the meadow, which was strong and tough; and out of this he began to braid a knapsack.
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I should say. As tough as you make 'em.
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In the afternoon Manuel left Salomé's house with the thought that if he were a few years older and had a decent, paying position, he would marry her, even if he found himself compelled to get the tough who went with her out of the way with a knife.
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It is “a tough fight” that Uruguay is undertaking. “Of all the values, the most important is life.”
(Voice of America)
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Whenever you wish, answered Leandro. "But I warn you beforehand that there are some pretty tough specimens in this vicinity."
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1. durable: sturdy, hardy
2. strong: firm, rugged, hard, vigourous, hardy
3. hardened: rigid, inflexible, unyielding, uncompromising, hard-line, incorrigible, troublesome
4. violent: severe, savage, terrible, ferocious, fierce, vigourous
5. hoodlum: bruiser, gangster

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