lively στα Αραβικά

‏مفعم بالحياة، نشيط، حاد الطبع، رشيق، قوي، حي، يقظ، خفيف، مرح، مفعم بالحيوية‏
‏بحيوية، كله نشاط‏

παράδειγμα ποινές

We went into restaurant that was very lively.
دخلنا مطعما مفعما بالحياة للغاية
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full of life and energy: bubbling, alive, burbly, bouncy, effervescent, burbling, bubbly, zippy, watchful, sparkly, liveliness, live, frothy, scintillating, life, peppy, sprightliness, energetic, bouncing, alert, effusive, rested, spirit, gushing, breezy, spirited, warm, animated
full of spirit: animated, full of life, vital, alive
filled with events or activity: eventful
quick and energetic: zippy, energetic, brisk, spanking, alert, snappy, merry, rattling
elastic; rebounds readily: elastic, live, bouncy, springy, resilient
full of zest or vigor: spirited, racy

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